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Soft film smallpox product characteristics


1, flexible and light: this soft material can be combined with highly creative, forming a variety of planar and three-dimensional shape, weighing about 240 grams per square meter, high gloss, good light transmission performance, the transmittance of more than 75%,


2, break through the traditional: change the traditional light transparent cloth (knife cloth) have limitations in texture, large area overall, no deformation due to changes in weather or temperature, let the limited space to show the infinite charm, applicable to the ceiling, no frame box, airport advertising, subway, shopping malls etc. advertising:


3, fire prevention standards: according to the fire classification for the "B1" class.


Waterproof moisture resistant performance, 4 superior: Jing Yue soft film smallpox after anti fogging treatment, erosion from water vapor, in the humid air is not easy and its light color lossless condensation. For Water Leakage running water phenomenon, can bear the weight of 200kg/M2, to reduce the adverse consequences. So it is especially suitable for wet places such as swimming pool, bath center and so on.


5, rich colors: there are hundreds of colors to choose from, there are a variety of surface texture of the film, such as bright, smooth, transparent satin smooth surface, porous surface, imitation leather, metal surface, anti stone surface, can also spray color pattern specified by the customer, offers the designer fully creative imagination.


6, high flatness, good uniformity, the phenomenon of anti vibration, no surface crack and fall off; all kinds of lamps, fire alarm, vents and other facilities can be installed and not affected.


7, installation convenient and quick: can be directly fixed to the beam plate and wall, and applicable to all kinds of structure, can be repeatedly disassembled. In a short time to complete the installation work, the project site clean and orderly.


8, environmental protection and energy saving: UV film print, outdoor photo, using environmental protection advanced formula, does not contain harmful substances (CD, Pb), no toxic gas release, 100% recovery, in line with national standards for harmful substances in indoor decoration materials. Material surface with a unique reflection and refraction function, without the use of too many lighting, energy saving and has the unique source, seal and other properties, so that the indoor temperature remains unchanged.

9、防菌抗霉:软膜天花软膜经过特别处理后(含有BIO-PRUF药物 ),能够抵抗及防止细菌或微生物(如一般发霉菌)生长于天花板表面。

9, anti mildew and bacteria: soft film smallpox soft film after special treatment (containing BIO-PRUF drugs), to resist and prevent bacteria or micro-organisms (such as the general mold growth on the ceiling surface).


10, through a variety of other soft film smallpox can change the acoustic conditions, reduce the acoustic echo time (125-250-500-1000-2000HZ reflection in acoustics 1.5S reduced to 0.7S); improve the office and other room noise levels.


11, soft film smallpox has hundreds of colors, smooth surface, transparent film, whale leather, satin metal surface, basic membrane. Other features: simple random color variety; mildew, antibacterial, anti aging; good insulation waterproof function; sound insulation, cooling and heating energy saving costs; not linked to dust, smoke, fire retardant; non-toxic tasteless, safety and environmental protection; convenient installation and disassembly; ideal acoustic effect.




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